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Online casino pose a threat to the personal data of the user

Licensed online casino in India by law is obliged to protect personal information about users. It is necessary that the information about the rates and personal data of the players be reliably protected by the modern encryption system. In addition, gambling institutions are prohibited from transferring personal data to third parties. Such gambling establishments as PIN UP Casino online value their reputation, which is much more important than dubious benefit.

Online casino does not pay won funds

One of the most common myths about the online casino for money, in which almost every person who never uses the services of a virtual gambling institution believes. In fact, official online casinos, such as PIN UP, have no problems with the withdrawal of funds. Delays in payments of funds in illegal offices is a common occurrence, therefore it was precisely because of such gambling establishments that this myth arose. In licensed gambling institutions, the winnings are paid quickly and without problems. However, the player has to independently pay taxes from the funds won.

pin-up casino

Online casino are associated with crime

This myth is related to any gambling business. He came from Hollywood films in which they show a close connection between the gambling business with the criminal world. In addition, in India for a long time, gambling was prohibited, so there were illegal underground casinos that worked without a license, which could not guarantee security and reliability for players. However, since 2020, the gambling business is legal in India, so Indian casinos with the withdrawal of money, such as PIN UP, work completely officially, pin-up-online-casino.in pay taxes and have nothing to do with the criminal world.

Casino games are a direct way to play dependence

Game addiction is an important problem that you should not forget about. Therefore, a person who is subject to game addiction should really avoid visiting an online casino or at least do it within a reasonable framework, controlling his expenses, rates and time in the game. However, each player must understand that slot machines must be entertainment, and not a source of earnings. If the games in the casino are correctly treated, then the slots will never cause game addiction, but only give an opportunity to have a good time.

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